HUAWEI MateStation S ushers in a new era of smart productivity


As a personal computing tool, the PC has evolved over the past half century. Performance, form, usage scenarios, software ecosystems and the role these all play in our everyday digital lives have undergone many transformations and changes. Gradually, we have moved from the era of traditional PCs to the era of smart PCs and all-scenario smart experiences.

With technological development over time, the pace of work has become faster. The emergence of diverse office scenarios, like remote working and casual workplaces, mean that traditional PCs are no longer able to fully satisfy the increasingly complex demands of a modern workplace. With a compact build and more intelligent interaction capabilities, the new generation of smart PCs has become “the new productivity tool of choice” for enterprises and employees alike.

Thanks to its in-depth insights into the market and consumers, Huawei has fully explored users’ demands and issues, thereby addressing each of them with the launch of the HUAWEI MateStation S – Huawei’s first smart productivity desktop computer. With the advantages brought by all-scenario devices and through the concept of distributed technology, Huawei has developed solutions of interconnectivity such as Multi-screen Collaboration and one-touch file sharing. Huawei has achieved cross-screen interoperability and other usage scenarios across PCs and smart mobile devices including phones and tablets. It provides consumers with a more efficient all-scenario smart connectivity experience, becoming the leader in smart PCs.

Traditional means of file transfer between PC and mobile phone include Bluetooth, data cables, or third-party software. These methods often result in a spate of user pain points such as time-consuming connection, slow transfer rate, and limiting file size for data transfer. Ultimately, these issues will isolate the PC, leaving users inconvenienced at the workplace.

Huawei’s “Multi-screen Collaboration” feature has always served as a solid foundation for Huawei PCs to achieve smart productivity ahead of the industry. Based on its revolutionary distributed technologies, Huawei Share has broken down the barriers between devices, enabling a real-time, seamless interactive experience across PCs and mobile phones. With the updated Multi-screen Collaboration, users can open up to three mobile app windows on the large desktop display at once. This not only allows use of multiple software simultaneously, but also eliminates the inconvenience brought by the traditional means of file transfer. The new Multi-screen Collaboration makes multitasking more efficient.

To match with the Multi-screen Collaboration feature, every purchase of HUAWEI MateStation S includes a HUAWEI Ultra-Slim Wired Keyboard. Featuring an elegant design, the keyboard has a thin metal frame that wraps around the keys. Its right Shift key includes a Huawei Share NFC for users to transfer files without the need for a data cable, introducing ground-breaking smart productivity experiences on desktop computers.

Upon successful connection, files can be shared across the smartphone and HUAWEI MateStation S by a simple drag-and-drop. This allows the user to easily view, edit and share files, images, and text on both sides, as well as to open and edit smartphone files directly on the desktop side. These features are certainly beneficial for professionals from the design industry, considering their frequent needs to transfer large files across devices. With Multi-screen Collaboration, bulk files on the smartphone can now be instantly transferred to the desktop side by a simple drag-and-drop, skipping the nee d for any third-party applications. All combined, it enables the Multi-screen Collaboration to deliver unprecedented improvements in terms of file transfer speed and user ease.

Moreover, the peripherals connected to the HUAWEI MateStation S can be used to control the user’s smartphone, skipping the unnecessary back-and-forth switching between devices – operating both devices simultaneously on the desktop for a boosted productivity.

Both businesses and consumers are looking forward to a new, efficient system that enables seamless interoperability across multiple devices and maximises user productivity. In this way, Huawei is enabling the development of the PC and addressing pain points for the industry as a whole. Positioned as a key part of Huawei’s vision of an all-scenario ecosystem, the newly launched HUAWEI MateStation S plays a critical role as an enabler of office productivity. By striving to elevate smart productivity experience that supports all-scenario, smart digital experiences, Huawei hopes to deliver a more convenient, professional, and efficient office experience to users, driving all-scenario mobile productivity ahead.

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