Hubtel launches AI Lab in Ghana




Hubtel, a prominent e-commerce services provider, has inaugurated its maiden AI lab in Ghana with the aim of leveraging artificial intelligence, particularly machine learning, to enhance user interaction, strengthen security measures, and drive revenue growth for both itself and its platform users.


Under the leadership of Augustine Gyawu Adjei, Head of Engineering at Hubtel, the lab endeavors to provide personalized product recommendations, reinforce fraud detection capabilities, and offer financial services such as AI-powered credit assessments.


Adjei emphasises that the decision to integrate artificial intelligence into their operations was meticulously planned, taking into account various factors including company objectives, local and international regulations, and industry best practices.


In the short term, the lab aims to roll out an advanced fraud detection system by the first quarter of 2024 and introduce creditworthiness evaluations by the second quarter. In the long run, the lab seeks to establish itself as a hub for AI innovation in Africa, fostering economic growth and advocating for ethical AI practices on a global scale.


CEO Alex Bram underscores the lab’s commitment to delivering tangible benefits to users, citing examples such as enhanced fraud detection and personalized financial insights.


Bram explains, “Our AI Lab isn’t just about cutting-edge technology; it’s about providing real value to Hubtel users. Imagine protecting finances with smarter fraud detection, optimizing utility consumption to safeguard the revenues of our key merchants through AI-driven insights, and unlocking new financial opportunities for individuals through accurate credit assessments. That’s the transformative power we’re harnessing at Hubtel AI Lab.”


Hubtel, renowned for streamlining everyday transactions and bridging the gap between consumers and businesses via its mobile app, aims to emerge as Africa’s premier utility platform. By facilitating access to essential services and fostering participation in the continent’s digital economy, Hubtel seeks to make a significant impact on the African business landscape.


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