I set the pace for virtual beauty pageants – Inna Patty

Inna Patty

In the last couple of years, Exclusive Events Ghana, the events company behind the Miss Ghana pageant has been plagued by a gazillion of accusations. Still, it has managed to weather the storms and delve into a whole new era of pageantry.

At the helm of Miss Ghana’s brand success is its CEO, Inna Miriam Patty, a leading entrepreneur and visionary.

African Entertainment recently caught up with the former beauty queen (Miss Ghana 2004) for a spanking new episode of Say It All where she shared the juice on standing tall amid hostile media representation in Ghana and the pandemic.

In 2017, the media went agog with reports made by former winners of the pageantry accusing the organization of fraud and tyrannical leadership. In the wake of the media onslaught, Patty tenaciously pushed on with a successful edition in 2018 and in the following years.

“Even amid the media brouhaha in 2017, I mean we still kept it going and had our event in 2018. We had a successful queen who went to represent us at the Miss World pageant and did well. In 2019, we had successful queens as well”. 

The 2020 edition of the Miss Ghana pageant will be a first of its kind in Ghana and for Patty, this pace-setting move was born out of necessity. A brand as gargantuan as hers can hardly be run without the support of the country’s press. Unfortunately, local media prefers sensational stories as opposed to promoting the brand tasked with providing the country’s Miss World pageant representative.

“Since we began in 2012, getting the media to support us has been a challenge. They expect hundreds and thousands of cedis to cover your publicity what have you compared to other brands that have been on television. We can’t and have never been able to afford that. So we need to stick to an online or virtual way of doing business.

Despite the Pandemic, this year’s Miss Ghana is right on schedule. It is simply about finding creative ways to stay afloat and the organization’s virtual presentation was “like God presented the opportunity and we decided to make it happen”, exclaimed Patty.

“Thankfully, for us, we launched in January 2020, By February, we had auditioned So by the time the pandemic kicked in, we had our contestants but they were much more than the numbers we needed. We needed 16 contestants who would represent each region of Ghana but we had 50. We had to find a way to cut it down to 20”. 

Watch the full interview:

Source: African Entertainment

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