I’ll sue you – Pastor threatens Anas ahead of poop-eating exposé

Anas Aremeyaw Anas

Rev. Lawrence Lamina, the man of God at the centre of Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ latest investigative piece has instructed his lawyers to commence preparation to sue the ace investigative journalist for defamation and libel, Dailymailgh.com can confirm.

Anas, in his usual undercover reporting, with his team served notice on Monday they are coming up with a horrendous exposé on how a man of God – Rev Lamina – forced a child in his orphanage to eat his own faeces.

According to the investigative journalist, that was only a bit of the heavy doses of cruelty the man of God dishes out to children at his undercover torture home. The inmates of the orphanage, the exposé reveals, have never known peace as they daily suffer hell and torment in the hands of this man of God.

But in a letter to Tiger Eye PI and Anas, lawyers for Rev. Lamina dispute the yet-to-be aired investigative piece saying: “They are shocked that the various snaps of footage are impliedly being attributed to their institution and to their reverend Lamina.”

“Our further instructions are to inform you that our clients deny acting in any way as portrayed in your footage in their institution at any time past or present and that they object in the most vehement way possible to your showing those footages together to the interview they granted to the interviewers who claimed they came to them from the Joy FM Radio Network,” the letter sighted by DailyMailGH added.

The exposé reveals inmates of the orphane have never known peace as they allegedly suffer hell and torment daily, in the hands of this man of God.

“We are further instructed to inform you that even showing those footages in any proximity to the interview they consented to would be objectionable and offensive in the extreme, and would amount to an egregious assault on the reputation of clients and their Reverend Lamina.

“In the premises above, we need hardly add that we are instructed, in the event you shall fail to heed our caution above, and do not withdraw the footages complained of from the internet networks, on or before the hour of 6 O’clock in the evening of Friday the 21st of June 2019, and then to inform our clients through us that the  footages have been removed according to our clients demands herein articulated, we have full instruction to resort to the appropriate fora provided by the laws of Ghana to resolve the grievances our clients, without any further notice to you,” the letter said.

Source: Daily Mail GH

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