Korzai’s Talent Crossover Is Equal To ‘Something Something’



From Kapital Radio’s Mic 1 To Mic 2 Of Think Media Expert studios, Korsi Asiseh comes out as Korzai with a new ‘banger’ of some sort. Namely, ‘Something Something’.


Kwame Adinkra as a media personality did it with songs such as NuNu Me, Afrakoma, Piipi, Mmotiahene ,Fiona, and many others.


Captain Smart made it by Fabewoso, while Andy Dosty sung Aden and 1K. Now, Korsi Asiseh takes over the baton and banter with his ‘Something Something’.


As a media personality who has crossed carpet from radio to the singing booth, telling the notion that prompted the song, Korsi Asiseh said: “The song is about life and how certain endeavours or situations don’t give the expected outcome.


“And how some of them don’t have answers. Like humans’ purpose on earth and what happens after life.”


Any proper project should have a mission and that of ‘Something Something’ according to Karzai :“It’s to set people thinking and dancing at the same time.”


Some years back, in his teachings, he did not tell us about ‘The Thing’ and Atumpan ‘The Talking Drum’ was allowed to ‘escape’ or ‘dodge’ his fans and the public as to whatever that thing was.


Reeling from that ambiguity, here comes Korzai with his ‘Something Something’. So, what is the ‘Something Something’ he is talking and singing about.


Probing him rigorously, he let slip the response saying: ‘Something Something, simply in Akan would mean Bribi Bi or in Pidgin English, some way bi. Meaning ambiguous as you rightly put it.”


Laying his expectation and categorisation as to where the latest song should be placed in terms of genre, he affirmed: “I will classify the song as Afro fusion because it is a fusion of highlife and Afro-beat.”


Knowing his position within the realm of the media landscape professionally as a media personality, he thinks this of the public with regards to their perceived reactions: “I would want them to react to the music as someone who loves music and is giving to the world what he has within him.”


So, Something Something was written by Korsi Asiseh and it was recorded on February 17 2024 at ‘Think Media Expert studios’ in Accra.


As to whether there is a potential album in the proverbial pipeline, an Extended Play or just a single song on its own, Korzai said: “It’s a single for now.”


Hammer of Pure FM in Kumasi and some other DJs are ‘pushing’ the song for the public to notice.


And as an industry person he is getting it smoother with regards to Power Play of ‘Something Something’ on the Airwaves, comparatively to some new artistes.


Responding to the statement above, Korzai replied: “Regarding airplay it’s cool. Because I am not expecting much. So far, so good, the music is being heard, so with time I know it will penetrate the market.”


The production, sounds unique but ‘radical’ in the nature and stature of a renowned producer’s artistry.


Not knowing, it is by the hands of the famous broadcaster on the nation of Ghana’s television Breakfast Show, Kafui Dey. Kudus to that Something Something.


Picking his views about the originality, focus and capability of the song’s general standings within Ghana contemporary music terrain, he said: “My thoughts about the music is that the song is interesting.”


So, ‘Something Something’ is available on most of the digital music outlet for public purchase, download and listening.

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