LIKE A BABY: The Perfect Peace of a Mind at Ease


“There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.” — Alan Cohen, American author

Jeff Bezos’ wealth is to die for, as is Lupita Nyong’o’s beauty. I’ll show you something infinitely more valuable, though: an infant’s peace of mind.

That asset, unlike the aforementioned gifts of Bezos and Nyong’o, was once a possession of us all. As we grew up and life’s pressures mounted, however, it was among the first things lost. Every now and then, though, when we see little ones sleeping as soundly as captured by Vislyy, a reminder of our loss is served and our envy triggered.

Of course, adults sleep, too, but rarely as peacefully; our nagging worries, even as we dream, come along for the ride. But then there are moments in our consciousness — during our respective hustles, in fact — when we can afford to switch off, even if only momentarily.

Courtesy the cameras of DreamGene Photography, on the streets of Sunyani as the city wound down another session of its famous ‘Wednesday Market’, that phenomenon was on full display: a middle-aged woman, her face colorful with make-up yet dulled by a long day, stoops over the mounds of salt she sells; a hooded and gloved fellow rests on his wheelbarrow; nearby, a motionless leg sticks out from the cargo bed of a Hyundai truck.

It matters not whether the eyes are closed or otherwise; so long as the mind is at ease — as is true of a baby perched on its parent’s shoulder, without a care in the world — there is peace.

Perfect peace.

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