Live within your means if you want a prosperous life – Strongman tells Ghanaian youth


Ghanaian rapper Strongman Burner has delivered a compelling message, encouraging Ghanaians to prioritize living within their means and refrain from indulging in excessive spending.

In a conversation with popular YouTuber and Content Creator Kwadwo Sheldon, the talented artist emphasized the importance of financial responsibility for leading a prosperous life.


Strongman drew attention to the stark comparison between material purchases and essential needs.


He pointed out that the cost of ten round neck shirts could instead afford 100 bags of cement, highlighting the significant difference in value.


Strongman Burner posed a thought-provoking question, “If a day’s attire and shoes cost 4,000 cedis, how can I afford to pay for Simona’s fees?” This powerful statement underscores the importance of prioritizing essential expenses over unnecessary luxury items.


In Ghana, many young people are willing to spend large sums of money on clothing in their pursuit of societal validation and a perceived sense of status. The rapper’s words serve as a reminder that true prosperity lies in financial prudence and making sensible choices aligned with long-term goals.


The desire to emulate the lavish lifestyles portrayed by superstars on social media has been on the rise in Ghana. However, Strongman Burner urges his fans and followers to resist the temptation and instead focus on building a solid financial foundation for themselves.


Strongman Burner, born Osei Kwaku Vincent, gained recognition after securing first place in the inaugural Next Big Thing in GH Rap music competition. His winning streak continued with hit songs like “The Lord,” “Dirge,” and “Rap God,” along with notable tracks such as “Odo Nkoaa” and “Facts.”


By advocating for financial prudence and responsible spending, Strongman Burner aims to guide his fans towards a more prosperous and sustainable future. His impactful message resonates with individuals seeking to strike a balance between enjoying life’s pleasures and securing a stable financial footing.


Source: Pulse Ghana

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