Madam Lordina Mahama: The ‘Mother’ of Humanity


If you want to be a good mother, you must be a kind mother. Kindness doesn’t mean being wimpy; it means choosing your words carefully, with the thought of doing good for all children and souls created by God in the forefront of your mind. Be considerate, be loving, give hug and don’t yell and that is Madam Lordina Mahama, the mother of mothers.

Let me first wish her good health and strength. To me, a hero or a heroine is someone who is respected and does not care what others think.

She has done things which have made a difference and represents her strong mindedness and her wise decision making ability. All these encompasses why she is admired across the continent and across the political divide.

She is the very definition of the kind person all want to be, for this she remains the hero of many. She is a remarkable philanthropist in the annals of present world history and has used her position in society to do great good for the poor and the vulnerable.

She has demonstrated humanitarian efforts in many ways. She has touched many lives and is a hero to many people. She has gone out of her way to help so many people with their problems and needs, even when she had things of her own to deal with. She has an unbelievable amount of courage and bravery, and not afraid to say it as it is. She is so brave for standing up and fighting for women, especially during a time when women were locked down upon and laughed at for wanting the same right as men. But always accord men the respect and dignity they deserve.

She always fights to make a difference in the country and on the continent, a person who is modest, unselfish, diligent, honest and extremely caring. She is an exceptional woman, a fighter who has will power and has helped her people in many ways. A multifaceted woman in every possible sense of the word.

She uses her various pursuits, her prominence, and huge international image, as well as her passionate grassroots approach towards supporting female empowerment in public policies, education, culture and within society as a whole. A caring woman who is always interested in other peoples’ lives. She did and still doing famous things worth honouring; donations to orphanage homes, donation of vans to medical facilities, donations to oldies, encouraging the young ones etc etc.

Her positive attitude and strength have helped her accomplish great things for others. She has given many strength by standing against their difficult times, and by doing so, have made them stronger.

There are few people in life, that when you meet them you have been blessed by God. Well, Madam Lordina is one of those people. If you ever get the chance to be graced by her presence, consider yourself lucky. She will offer you good advice, and comfort your heart with her smiles and powerful heartwarming directions.

She is a great woman whose name will remain an inspiration to all women, while our history endures.

Happy Happy Happy Mother’s Day mom! Dr. Nana Lordina Mahama

By Ohenenana Krow, Accra.

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