Mahama: I’ll close down Sanitation Ministry if elected president

John Mahama, former Ghana president and leader of the opposition NDC.
John Mahama, former Ghana president and leader of the opposition NDC.

John Dramani Mahama, the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress, has announced intentions to dissolve the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources if elected president in 2025.

He criticized the ministry’s ineffectiveness, proposing to consolidate it back under Local Government to save costs and improve efficiency in tackling Ghana’s sanitation issues.

During a lecture at the Wisconsin International University College in Accra, Mahama emphasized the need for a comprehensive development strategy, suggesting the consolidation of underperforming ministries like Aviation and Railways into the Transport Ministry.

He highlighted the objective to streamline government operations and reduce expenditure by merging certain ministries.

“We will close down the Ministry of Sanitation, one, to reduce expenditure and two I don’t see any use. The country is dirtier than when there was no Ministry of Sanitation.

“Indeed, this country was cleaner when sanitation was under Local Government than as a standalone Ministry and we will close that Ministry and we will take the Sanitation schedule back to Local Government because we want to reduce government expenditure.”

“It is not only the Sanitation Ministry, in Transport, Aviation and Railways, we are going to close them down and send them back to the Trasport Ministry. We are going to combine Communications and Information again. So we want to reduce the number of ministries,” he stated.

Mahama’s plan, if implemented, would involve reevaluating the current ministry structure to optimize governance and resource allocation towards addressing critical national issues such as sanitation and transportation.


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