I’ll ban mining in Ghana’s forest reserves, says Mahama


Former President and flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) John Mahama has vowed to take decisive action against indiscriminate mining in forest reserves if he is elected into office.

Addressing the media on Sunday (7 July) Mahama emphasized the urgent need to protect forest reserves from illegal mining activities, which he described as a threat to water sources and agricultural productivity.

“We are going to ban mining in forest reserves. As for that, it is non-negotiable. The law that was amended to allow mining in forest reserves will be re-amended to put an end to it,” Mahama declared, highlighting the environmental and societal impacts of unchecked mining.

Mahama expressed concern over government officials involved in illegal mining operations and pledged zero tolerance for such activities under his administration. He stressed the importance of protecting Ghana’s forest cover to mitigate climate change effects, noting changes in seasons attributed to deforestation.

“We don’t want the forest zone to become the savannah zone. We must protect and regenerate our forest reserves,” Mahama asserted, outlining plans to establish district offices for mining oversight agencies to enhance enforcement and compliance.

The former president also proposed the establishment of Minerals Commission offices in mining districts to ensure strict regulation of the sector.

He underscored the need for coordinated efforts to safeguard Ghana’s natural resources and mitigate environmental degradation linked to mining activities.


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