Mohammed Polo demands immediate action, calls for removal of coach Chris Hughton following Black Stars’ World Cup Qualifying upset


Mohammed Polo, a former Ghanaian football star, is strongly urging the Ghana Football Association to sever ties with Black Stars’ head coach, Chris Hughton, following a disappointing defeat in the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifying match against Comoros this Tuesday.


While acknowledging that this loss marks Hughton’s first in a competitive setting as the coach for Ghana, Polo insists that swift action is crucial at this juncture. He criticizes the team’s recent performance, attributing the decline in both football level and knowledge to Hughton’s leadership. Polo squarely holds the coach responsible for the defeat against Comoros, pointing out errors in the starting lineup and a delay in introducing impactful substitutes.


Expressing his dissatisfaction on Fox FM, Polo argues, “He is experimenting too much, and it is not helping us. Black Stars is not a team for experimentation. He has to play those who are ready.” Polo underscores the importance of strategic player selection, suggesting that a different starting lineup, including specific players, could have altered the game’s outcome.


Continuing his critique, Polo calls for a shift in Hughton’s decision-making during matches, urging a departure from experimental tactics. He emphasizes that timely substitutions could have changed the game’s trajectory and warns that the coach’s persistence with experimentation may jeopardize Ghana’s chances of qualifying for the World Cup.


In a bold statement, Polo advocates for Hughton’s removal, expressing confidence that a change in leadership could salvage Ghana’s World Cup qualification hopes. His plea is grounded in the belief that with the right coach and strategy, there is still an opportunity for the Black Stars to secure a spot in the prestigious tournament.


Highlighting the urgency of the situation, the former football star expresses concern that continued experimentation under Hughton’s management could harm the team’s overall performance.

Polo’s call for Hughton’s dismissal is driven by a desire to protect Ghana’s football reputation and ensure a more promising path in the World Cup qualifiers.


Polo concludes his critique by reiterating that the Black Stars should not serve as a testing ground for experimental approaches.

His impassioned plea for a coaching change resonates with the broader sentiment that decisive action is necessary to address the current challenges facing the national team.

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