NPP committed to reducing youth economic burdens through tax reforms – Ahiagbah


Responding to a young Ghanaian’s frustrations over high taxes and economic challenges, Richard Ahiagbah, National Communication Director of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), addressed the country’s tax policy issues.

The young citizen voiced the difficulty of living under current financial pressures, giving an example of a young man who paid GHC 450,000 in taxes to import a luxury car while the dollar remains high. He asked, “We can’t even breathe, can’t drive, can’t build. WHY?” urging the government to ease the tax burden on the youth.

Ahiagbah acknowledged these concerns and reaffirmed the NPP’s commitment to addressing the tax issue in the short term. He emphasized that over-taxation is counterproductive, as it encourages tax evasion and hinders economic growth. “We do not support over-taxation because it has been proven to encourage tax evasion, among others,” Ahiagbah stated. “Additionally, minimum taxation is a fundamental value of our tradition because it promotes production, leading to increased economic activities and greater tax revenue for the government,” he added.

Reflecting on the NPP’s 2016 proposal, Ahiagbah highlighted the party’s strategic shift from taxation to production as essential for fostering a robust economy. He called on citizens to vote for Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, emphasizing his goal to simplify the current complex tax system to a flat rate and eliminate crisis-induced taxes such as the e-levy, betting tax, and emissions tax. Dr. Bawumia also aims to reduce import duties to enhance the competitiveness of the nation’s ports. “This is the way forward,” Ahiagbah declared. “Bawumia will strive to lead us in that direction, and your vote will help achieve this vision.”

Ahiagbah assured that the NPP is dedicated to easing the economic burdens on the youth and creating a more favorable environment for growth and development. He reiterated that minimal taxation promotes production and increased economic activity, ultimately benefiting the government and the people.

As the election approaches, the NPP’s tax reform proposals are expected to be a central issue for many voters seeking relief from high living costs and complex tax regulations. Ahiagbah’s response underscores the party’s commitment to these reforms and its determination to address the concerns of the Ghanaian youth.

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