Opinion: Bawumia resorting to lies to remain relevant after Agyapa silence

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia
Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

An impotent man will always blame the wife for barrenness until his infertility is proven to him by medical investigations. This is the situation the New Patriotic Party finds itself in with Dr. Bawumia who deceived to impress prior to the 2016 elections.

After all the hype of being better managers of the economy, Dr. Bawumia is now singing a new song after four years of failing to deliver; claiming that the NDC left the NPP nothing for them to utilize.
Even though it is not surprising to hear such a thing from the ever lying man, it is imperative to remind him of his grave dishonesty as a holder of high office in the land. No government has inherited so much from its predecessor than this NPP administration inherited from the immediate past NDC government.

The Mahama administration left so much in the stabilization fund for the NPP which they recently fell on in their frustration to manage the covid-19 threat in the country. The NDC’s wise program with the IMF gave the Akufo- Addo administration millions of dollars to utilize. The NPP did not cancel the deal as they deceived Ghanaians they would do when they get power.

At the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation (BOST) the NDC left cash of $90million and two parcels of crude oil worth $120million. What did the NPP do upon assuming office with these? Nothing, except plundering it instantly. $50million was splashed on plant maintenance which used to cost $18 to $20 million under Awuah Darko’s tenure.

Sadly, these maintained plants are not functioning well.
If the Mahama government left empty coffers, Bawumia must explain what constituted the GHc10billion the NPP took from the Bank of Ghana this year? How are they able to pay their legendary 125 ministers, close to 2,000 presidential staffers, outrageously expensive hiring of private jets for the President and the profligate expenses of the presidency? Where did the surprise money for payment of collapsed financial institutions come from?

Did we not hear Bawumia say he was in Bank of Ghana before and knew there is money to finance their senseless promises? Did we not hear President Akufo- Addo say we are sitting on money while we are hungry?

Assuming without admitting that nothing was left for the NPP, Bawumia should explain the GHc140billion loans they contracted without anything to show for it. If this historic colossal loan is not meat, then Bawumia’s canines are so porous that they need powder to chew because soft meat is too hard for them to chew; that is bone for them. This is the height of super incompetence, weakness, gross mismanagement and theft of the highest order being displayed by a frustrated government facing clear rejection by its citizens.

Bawumia instead of explaining his lies to the people, chose to continue telling more lies just to keep him relevant in the public space for he has gotten lost in the political mix.

Recently he launched a so-called infrastructure delivery tracker full of stolen and ghost projects. He goaded the nation to go onto that deceptive website which we did, only to realize it was designed to hoodwink us like was the case before the 2016 elections. However luck eluded him as his deceptions were all exposed leading to the shameful and quiet pulling down of the tracker.

Now, Ghanaians should begin checking these weaklings how much meat if there is at all that they are leaving for the next administration while they go out of power in January, 2021.

By Cyril Duodu & Attractive Mustapha, Opinions do not represent the views of Daily Mail GH

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