Opinion: Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko, the NPP plus and minus

Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko
Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko

I have tried to write this on many occasions but try as I did, I postponed. I think this is a good time to do so at least as my seasonal present to the master tactician, Gabby. Gabby is an NPP stalwart who is not known for holding any official position in the party but his influence is great!

Why a person who holds no official position would be such influential remains a puzzle. But for us who have observed and admired Gabby from a distance, we know his self-effacing trait. He has a very sharp wooing skill and I dare say, most influential commentators in Ghana, were wooed by Gabby. Smart, erudite, fastidious, loyal, you name them, are typical of Gabby.

Despite all these enviable traits of Gabby, some have made him a subject of attack, spite, hate and smear in order to court public revulsion toward him. These attempts are not only from without but from within as well. Some cannot unpack where the source of his influence comes from. To such people, I tell them, the power of Gabby’s brain, is his secret!

NDC fanatics loathe him so much. All desperations to stick mud at him through calumnies have yielded little or no results. Something perculiar about Gabby is that, and I stand to be corrected, he never attacks personalities. He brings the issue to his interlocutors’ doorstep while eschewing argumentum ad hominem. Classicus of a genius!

But then, how come that such an intelligent man who has endeared himself to the intelligentsia through intellectual discourses, harbours some mercenaries, lowly, brain-dead dudes like Samuel Bryan Buaben? Permit me to ask without prejudice to my stance on Gabby’s intellectual prowess, could Gabby only be acting angelically while playing to the gallery through proxies such as Samuel Bryan Buaben?

A person of Gabby’s standing should ideally be surrounded by high- thinking individuals who when they talk, is exemplary and reflect a connection to someone like Gabby. Anyone who comes to know Gabby’s employee/proxy is Samuel Bryan Buaben would be most disappointed. All the high-profiled persons including vintage Kweku Baako, fearless Anas Aremeyaw Anas, scholarly Philip Addison, academic Lloyd Amoah, etc would be most disappointed that their being attacked could be influenced by Gabby.

I ask Gabby a pointed question, what kind of training has he given to Samuel Bryan Buaben? Did he train him enough to in future, wear his shoe to become the Executive Director of Danquah Institute, or a background masterplanner of the NPP? Look at Bryan in his current shape and form, does Gabby think in sincerity that his boy has learned enough to take up his place? I am sure Gabby himself cannot vouch for his boy.

Dear Gabby, while I acknowledge your strength, I ask you to pump some sense into the airheaded Bryan. Tell him to only speak when he has something sensible to say. Tell him the whole world ties him to you. And like a master, your goal should be seeing your protege better than yourself. Failing this task would be an anticlimax of your enviable political feat.

Bryan is simply not fit. He needs more training. He lacks the intellectual capacity to even be your proxy for launching attacks. Kindly tell him, he is yet to respond to allegations of leakages at the presidency levelled at him by A Plus.

Overall, Gabby is a formidable person. My end of year advice is that, Gabby, kindly go for men of intellect to work for you and discard those who have proven to be baskets of deplorables, that way, you save your hard-earned reputation!

By Alhajj Suleman | Opinions do not represent the views of Daily Mail GH

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