Rawlings: World trapped in immoral, unethical capitalism

Rawlings and Shani Cooper after the meeting

Ghana’s former president Jerry John Rawlings says the world is still trapped in a phase of immoral, unethical and unconscionable capitalism which has contributed to the immense decline of global stability and justice.

The second most atrocious contributor to global injustice, he added, are the persistently persecutionist human rights violations and abuses in the Middle East.

In remarks at a meeting with Israel’s Ambassador to Ghana, Shani Cooper, on Wednesday, the former President said, “The injustice in the Middle East and the West’s inability to contain and prevent the abuses and violations have exposed their hypocrisy and abhorrent weakness and this is a gross indictment on the West.”

The former President said it was admirable that Israel had rich internal democratic values and the rule of law that ensured that even Prime Ministers could be prosecuted and jailed for accumulating savings outside their country, unlike the situation in some parts of our continent where political leadership is characterized by greed, nepotism and corruption.

He noted, however, that it was unfortunate that Israel has been unable to translate its internal political strengths and relationships to the rest of the world.

Ambassador Cooper who assumed office in 2018, said Israel’s economic development was primarily motivated by the country’s desire to survive in the midst of hostile neighbours.

“We did not have any other option. We were in a political island and had no choice to work hard to survive. That is why we stayed and others strayed,” she said.

She noted, however, that her country now had good relations with Egypt and Jordan.

The Israeli envoy said her country was ready to work with Ghana especially in the areas of agriculture, homeland security, health, water and renewable energy by imparting its strategic knowledge to develop such sectors.

“Israel is leading in such technology and will like to be part of Ghana’s transformation,” Ambassador Cooper stated.

The Ambassador disclosed that her country had opened a new trade mission in Ghana to boost Israel-West Africa commodity trade.

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