REVEALED: Police didn’t take part in demolition of NDC man’s house

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It has emerged that personnel of the Ghana Police Service never took part in a demolition exercise carried out on a house belonging to a former deputy regional secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Personnel from the special weapons and tactics unit of SWAT are being accused of carrying out the inhumane act at the residence of Mustapha Gbande, a former deputy regional secretary of the NDC in the Volta region, early February 2020.

The men numbering about 30, who according to Mr. Gbande claimed to be from the special weapons and tactics unit of SWAT, arrived at his place of abode in pickups to tear it down. He narrated to Metro TV that he had been living with his family in the house for the past four years.

He noted that the men claimed to have obtained a warrant to come and arrest him and breakdown his house.

“…I’ve been living here with my family for the past 4 and half years… by the time I left the office to get to this place, they had pulled down the house. When I got here, the bulldozer was here, so I wanted to stop it. They actually came with land guards as well. The land guards came on me first, later followed by the police.

“They said I was under arrest and that they’re holding an arrest warrant. They said the man said I had threatened to kill him…” he told Metro TV at the time of the demolition.

However, Daily Mail GH has intercepted a confidential police document proving otherwise. The classified document detailed and rather instructed the men in uniform not to get themselves involved in the exercise but rather only maintain law and order.

Evidence shows that the police rather protected the court officials who went there to carry out their official duties per a court ruling.

“The attached writ Possession is referred to you for your assistance in its execution. The Police are advised to maintain law and order to avoid a breach of the peace… Our personnel should also be warned not to be directly involved in the execution but only to maintain law and order while official(s) of the court execute the order. To this end, the police officer’s duty terminates when the court official(s) conclude the execution process,” the 28th March, 2019 letter labeled ‘Restricted’ and addressed to the regional commander and signed by Director-General/Legal and Prosecutions COP Prosper K. Agblor said.

Attached below is a copy of the full restricted document:

Source: Daily Mail GH

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