Student impregnates female lecturer in Nigeria


Information reaching Campus Cam Ug is that a bachelor of computer science student, Kevin from the Federal University of Lafia (Fulafia) has been expelled from the higher learning institution, after sleeping with a lecturer and successfully impregnating her.

Nigerian Student Impregnates his lecturer

The university disciplinary board is said to have received the disheartening news of the student impregnating his lecturer with acute shock, before deciding such a cruel penalty on the student.

Kevin’s action which has since put the university in the limelight for immorality and promiscuous behaviour has not only watered down the dignity of the university, but also the integrity of the lecturers therein.

A number of people have come out to criticize the level of self-respect for the lecturers and the codes that regulate the teacher versus student interaction.

The student who was called by the board to receive his expulsion letter argued sadly that the mistake was not entirely his. Kevin clarified that the initial advances into the love affair were initiated by the lecturer, who ended up desperately pleading with him to engage in a sexual affair with her and even possibly impregnating her.

He confessed that on times without numbers, the lecturer had convinced him to smash her cookie jar through her seductive moves and highly palatable figure. He said that he could not turn down the offer that came with harsh penalities from the lecturer and of course, his desire to swim in the attractive waters and get cool his appetite.

Kevin confessed that the lecturer had served him with ultimatums that would only be injurious to his stay in the university if he failed to drink from her river of life. Therefore, having no other choice, but to get down to business, confessed the lad, he jumped into the sweet business.

How the peculiar news went around the university and reached the board still remains a mystery. What the student recalls was an urgent call he had received one fateful day morning, requiring him to appear before the board the very day not later than noon.

Overwhelmed with curiosity and panic, he had prepared himself, ready to find out what lay in store for him. That is when he sadly learnt that this affair with the lecturer had not only resulted in him impregnating her, but also landed him into hot soup.

Kevin confessed that he had slept with the lecturer on so many occasions, including in her office set within the administration block.

Crying for clemency and seeking pardon, the student had broken down into uncontrollable tears, but the university Senate had made their decision. Kevin has since suffered the shock of his life and continues to ask for intervention from the university senior administrators, to lift the expulsion and mete a lesser punishment on him.

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  1. This is ridiculous to expel the student. Had he forced to lecturer to sleep with her or had he raped her? The lecturer is old enough to know her actions and to know what she was putting the student into before even starting the advance on the student. I think very much the student should be pardoned and be allowed to continue with his schooling.

    By the way, was it indicated in the code or ethics of the school for a lecturer and a student not to engage in any relationship? They should know tertiary students are not kids and should not be restricted in certain issues. I strongly believe that even if there should be any form of punishment, the lecturer should rather be held responsible and not the student.

    Let justice prevail and not allow the student to suffer unjustly for something which was not his fault.

    • My Brother, don’t mind that useless disciplinary committee. A Lecturer is too leanage and grown up to be forced by mere student into fucking affairs. So, since it’s willingness of the the said Lecturer, the Boy should be exonerated and be allowed to continue with his Education. Anything short of that attracts legal action.
      I’m very sure some NGO would come in defense of this poor Boy. Personally, I would be part of donors in my small way to enable the Boy pursue his case legally and legitimately.

  2. I think the decision for discipline is too highhanded. He should have been made to marry her so that he can continue with his studies. Are you going to stop the woman from seeing him? After all, what discipline was meted to the lecturer?

  3. First reading through, I didn’t come across where the punishment for the lecturer was mentioned. Now let’s even leave that aside. This wasn’t a case of rape how come the student is getting expelled. If it were to be a male lecturer impreganting a female student, what would have happened. Probably still expel the female student right. I don’t see what offence that the student has committed.

  4. What is the female lecturer’s punishment for condisending so low to sleep with her male student?
    To me, the punishment is one sided and unjust. I am not supporting the student in any way for his misbehavior.

  5. The student deserve no punishment at all. The lecturer should be expelled from the university because when it’s male lecturers, action is always taken against them. Same should apply to the female lecturer.

  6. Why would d guy b expelled
    He didn’t use charm on her …frm d boys point of view d lecturers made advances yo him ….
    The school management sud look into it
    And review the punishment…….
    The lecturer is to be sent out of d skul …

  7. This I the height of injustice, how can you expel him? They are both mature to handle the situation. This is not a rap case. Then let all schools in Nigeria be shut down cause even students make out with themselves and even with lecturers

  8. I always tell people that nigerians problems is far bigger than Africa’s… So the lecturer is a saint and the young man a devil Abi? It takes two to tango…are they saying a student in the university who is a full grown man can’t marry a lecturer? Haba!!! Pure injustice

  9. I don’t think the two partise deserve any punishment in any ocation…what the school autorithy action are sugesting the should be the one to showe the lecturer whom to have an afair with or to marry what if that was her desire why such action on the student i think both of them deserve no punishment what should it be that is a male lecturer that fine his self in such act would the have expelled the female study right let be frank please

  10. The student should have resisted just like Prophet Yusuf resisted when his master’s wife wanted him to do a similar thing. The punishment is apted.


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