Unemployed allied health professionals demand action from government


The Coalition of Unemployed Allied Health Professionals is making a direct appeal to the government, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Finance, seeking urgent intervention in their prolonged unemployment.

Despite numerous letters and engagements since 2023, the only response received has consistently been assurances that postings will come soon.

The coalition, representing Medical Laboratory Scientists, Community Mental Health Workers, Disease Control Officers, Field Technicians, Health Promotion Officers, Health Information Officers, Records Officers, and other skilled professionals, laments that for approximately five years, they remain unemployed despite being duly qualified and licensed to practice.

“We find ourselves in a disheartening situation where we renew our Professional Identification Numbers (PINs) annually yet remain unable to utilize our skills and contribute to the healthcare system,” the coalition stated in a press release. “The government needs to acknowledge the plight of trained Allied Health Professionals who are compelled to stay at home, year after year.”

Calling for immediate action, the coalition appeals to the Ministry of Finance for financial clearance and urges the Ministry of Health, along with other relevant agencies, to open their portals to those who have completed their education, fulfilled their mandatory national service, and successfully passed their licensure exams since 2019.

The professionals emphasize that granting them the opportunity to actively contribute to the healthcare sector will ensure that the skills, knowledge, and resources invested in their training do not go to waste. The coalition remains hopeful that their plea will receive the attention it deserves, bringing an end to their prolonged period of unemployment.

Find attached the full statement issued by the group



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