VAG Lotto to address illegal Lottery Operations


The National Lottery Authority (NLA) led by Kofi Osei-Ameyaw and Veterans Administration Ghana (VAG) led by Capt. Ben Edward Dua(Retired) had a joint management meeting on the 18th of July, 2019 to make deliberation as well as agreed on the terms, conditions, modalities and final road map towards the official launch and operations of the VAG Lotto expected to kick start in this month of July 2019.

NLA and VAG over the past years had been in conflict over jurisdictional areas of operations for lottery.

The Act 722 and Act 844 created a lot of tension between NLA and VAG where these institutions have been seen in Court several times over the past years fighting over the exclusive rights to regulate lottery.

Most of the illegal lotto operators and agents operated with licenses provided under Act 844 which empowered the Veterans Administration Ghana (VAG) to engage in raffles or Lottery to the realization of economic and financial empowerment to its members.

It was however, refreshing, strategic, rewarding and innovative when the National Lottery Authority signed an agreement with the Veterans Administration, Ghana (VAG) which saw the NLA officially taking over the regulatory mandate of VAG.

The NLA having taken over VAG attracted the following benefits to the Veterans:

  1. Initial payment of GHS 120, 000 by NLA to VAG and additional payment of GHS 100, 000 as part of NLA’s Corporate Social Responsibility to the Veterans.
  2. Monthly cash payment of GHS 120, 000 by NLA to VAG for the upkeep of Veterans.

The Executive Secretary of VAG, Capt. Ben Edward Dua (Retired) was in high praises for the Board and Management of National Lottery Authority for coming to the rescue of Veterans.

The starting of VAG bring to an end the operations and activities of illegal lotto operators, agents and writers.

The National Lottery Authority (NLA) under Act 722 and Act 844 would take all the necessary steps and initiatives to arrest and prosecute unlicensed lotto operators, agents and writers, and also clump down on those who breach the terms and conditions of NLA-VAG license.

Issued by: Public Relations Unit of NLA

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