Video: Ghana legend Kojo Antwi stops performance to correct fans on ‘Medofo Pa’ lyrics

Kojo Antwi performing at the Ghana World Music Festival

‘Medofo Pa’ is one song of the maestro many people love to sing. The song praises women and has lyrics every man could sing to their women in all shapes, sizes and form.

However, for over a decade since its release fans and lovers of Kojo Antwi have kept singing a section of the song wrongly.

The lyrics “Tuntum brane” meaning ‘a thick tall dark-skinned person’ was exchanged for some reason with “‘Tuntum broni’, literally meaning ‘a black person looking white in colour’.

Kojo Antwi, who had finally had enough of his fans singing the song wrongly, asked his band to stop playing while he made the correction, at the Ghana World Music Festival.

He explained there was no way he would say “tuntum broni” words which did not put the dark melanin skin he wanted to praise in a good light.

The correction got awes and oohs from fans who were more intrigued by the original lyric.

The performance of Kojo Antwi also dazzled many patrons they did not want him to go but the program eventually had to come to an end.

Watch video below:


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