You’ll be sacked if you don’t perform – NPP Chairman to appointees

The Chiana-Paga Constituency chairman, Mohamud Adams Karimu, gave each party member a full piece and cloth and money
The Chiana-Paga Constituency chairman, Mohamud Adams Karimu, gave each party member a full piece and cloth and money

Mohammed Adams Karimu, the Chiana-Paga Constituency chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), has cautioned government appointees in the area against attitudes that can impede the efforts of government in improving the lives of Ghanaians.

According to him, attitudes that prevent people from enjoying the numerous policies of the government can be impediments to the reduction of poverty in the country and narrow the chances of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the 2020 polls.

Mr. Karimu made the statement when polling station chairmen and electoral area coordinators from the Nankani speaking communities within the constituency gathered at Kandiga during the Easter period as part of his quarterly visits.

At the meeting, issues were raised concerning the poor attitudes of some coordinators of government policies in the district and how their attitudes are stifling the progress of some of the good interventions rolled out by government.

According to the members of the party, some of the coordinator arse focused more on giving special attention to their localities to the detriment of the larger interest of the party and the people.

They complained that certain key things including job opportunities are not evenly distributed within the constituency and warned that it could have debilitating effects on the party’s future fortune if left unchecked.

Responding to their concerns, the chairman assured that the constituency executive body will look into and address the issues. He called for calm and urged them not to lose grip of their faith in the party. He further urged them to come forth with information on any such behaviours for the proper actions to be taken.

Mr. Karimu warned that the party will not hesitate to draw the attention of the President and authorities to have such “non-performing” persons removed from their positions.

“Anyone who is put in an office is supposed to work hard to help the people for whom he was kept there. There could have been other people taking that position but you were chosen and that means a lot. So if you are chosen to work for the people and the party and you go and do what you want, it means you are not serious and we will remove you if you have such an attitude. Yes, we can do it. We will petition the President- all the executives- and ask him to sack you. It is that simple,” he said.

The chairman later distributed several full pieces of GTP cloths and money to each of the polling station chairmen and coordinators as show of appreciation for their unrelenting support, services and committed to activities of the party at all levels.

His kind gesture, he noted, is one of the numerous programs lined up under his chairmanship to appreciate the hard work of members of the party’s constituency executive body, as they celebrate the Easter.

He said the entire executive body of the party played a crucial role in wrestling power from the NDC two years ago and as a chairman of the constituency, he saw it prudent to say “thank you” to members whenever he got the opportunity.

Chairman Gargo as he is popularly called also expressed his satisfaction in the unity existing within the constituency party executive body and called for an even stronger bond that can overcome all obstacles as the party gathers momentum to win the parliamentary seat from the opposition NDC.

He hinted that government has plans in the offing to empower everyone with various skills training and jobs so as to become financially independent to take care of their families.

“The NPP government has the welfare of women at heart. There are a lot of plans to train and equip women with funds and jobs so that you can be able to work and make some income or salary to be able to take care of your families”.

By Senyalah Castro, Daily Mail GH

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