Yvonne Nelson’s book is not only about abortion; dwell on the positives – Akosua Agyapong


Highlife musician, Akosua Agyapong, has joined the growing list of creatives criticizing Yvonne Nelson for her revelation about terminating a pregnancy involving rapper Sarkodie.


Agyapong believes that certain secrets should remain hidden and expressed her concerns about the potential harm caused by disclosing such sensitive information.


Speaking to Graphic Showbiz, Agyapong emphasized that keeping certain truths private is essential to protect one’s reputation and maintain opportunities with reputable brands. She questioned the purpose behind Nelson’s decision to reveal this information, particularly since both Nelson and Sarkodie are well-established figures in the industry.

Agyapong highlighted the private nature of the matter, stating that everyone has skeletons in their closets that should not be brought into the public domain.

She questioned the need to speak negatively about one’s past and stressed the importance of considering the potential consequences for the individuals involved, including Sarkodie and his wife, Tracy.

Expressing her concern for Sarkodie’s ability to overcome this revelation and Tracy’s potential reaction, Agyapong urged caution moving forward and advised seeking wise counsel before sharing such sensitive details.


Furthermore, Agyapong encouraged the media not to solely focus on the terminated pregnancy, but rather highlight the positive aspects of Nelson’s book, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson.” She believed the book contains valuable content worth discussing, and urged a shift in focus towards the constructive messages it offers.


As the controversy surrounding Nelson’s revelation continues, Adjepong’s perspective adds to the ongoing discussion on the boundaries of personal disclosure and the potential impact on one’s public image and relationships.

Source: Pulse Ghana

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