Accra Grapples with Flood After Heavy Rainfall: Commuters stranded, city faces ongoing drainage challenges


Accra, the bustling capital of Ghana, faced yet another inundation on Monday morning following heavy rainfall, exacerbating the city’s perennial flooding woes.

The relentless downpour triggered extensive congestion on roads, leaving a multitude of commuters, including corporate workers, traders, students, and motorists, stranded and drenched.

In various districts such as Pokuase, Achimota, Odawna, Tesano, and Alajo, motorists found themselves forced to pull over onto the roadside, seeking shelter from the incessant rain. The resulting gridlock saw vehicles lined up in an immovable trail of traffic, while others opted to navigate the streets on foot, dampening the enthusiasm for the second week of May.

Regrettably, Accra’s susceptibility to flooding has become a distressing norm, persisting even after minimal rainfall. Furthermore, opportunistic individuals have exploited this situation by indiscriminately dumping their refuse into the rising waters, exacerbating the problem.

Following just an hour of rain, a resident was captured on camera disposing of his garbage, with his rubbish bin completely submerged in the floodwaters. Unfortunately, this incident is not an isolated one, as the city’s drainage systems are often clogged with plastics, wrappers, and cans, resulting in overflowing rubbish and posing a potential health hazard.

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