OSP: No exoneration for Cecilia Dapaah; provided vital details to EOCO


The Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) has rebutted assertions suggesting clearance of former Sanitation Minister Cecilia Dapaah before transferring her case to the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO).


Following reports of alleged corruption and related offenses involving Dapaah, stemming from the theft of millions in local and foreign currencies and personal effects by domestic staff, OSP conducted an investigation. Subsequently, OSP closed its case, transferring it to EOCO due to its alignment with potential money laundering charges.


EOCO, however, forwarded the transferred dossier to the Attorney General’s office for guidance on proceeding with investigations. The AG’s counsel advised halting investigations, citing the absence of an investigative report and additional documentation for potential money laundering prosecution. Additionally, ongoing police inquiries into Dapaah’s funding sources rendered further EOCO investigation unnecessary.


The Attorney General’s office also criticized OSP for insufficient collaboration details regarding their joint work with the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) to aid subsequent investigations.


Clarifying OSP’s stance, Mr. Samuel Appiah Darko, OSP’s Director for Strategy, Research, and Communications, emphasized they did not absolve Dapaah of corruption-related charges but opted to transfer the case due to its money laundering implications. He underscored OSP’s provision of comprehensive documentation to EOCO, including caution statements from over 20 suspects and familial claims regarding seized assets, to aid EOCO’s independent probe.


Darko further elucidated OSP’s decision to involve EOCO as whistleblowers, emphasizing OSP’s provision of extensive information to aid EOCO’s investigation. He reiterated OSP’s lack of authority to instruct EOCO’s actions, stressing their role as whistleblowers rather than money laundering investigators.


The OSP’s referral to EOCO, Darko clarified, stemmed from their focus on corruption investigations, not money laundering, and their belief that EOCO possessed the requisite capacity for thorough investigation.


In summary, the OSP’s actions were guided by legal and investigative considerations, ensuring comprehensive collaboration with EOCO to address the complex allegations involving Dapaah.

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