Ambulance Case: Edudzie challenges AG to testify under oath


Edudzie Tamakloe, head of legal affairs for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has called on Attorney-General Godfred Yeboah Dame to take the witness stand in the ongoing ambulance trial.


Tamakloe’s challenge follows Dame’s recent comments urging Ghanaians to dismiss the NDC’s arguments related to the case, including an audio recording of a conversation between Dame and the third accused, Richard Jakpa. Speaking at a town hall meeting with Ghanaians in the UK, Dame asserted that the NDC’s allegations fell apart during Jakpa’s cross-examination.


In an interview with Citi News, Tamakloe insisted that the Attorney-General should testify if he has nothing to hide. “If the Attorney-General was doing what is right, why was he worried as to whether anybody was recording him or not? This bravery from a safe distance should be dismissed with alacrity. You leave Ghana, you go to London and start making noise,” Tamakloe remarked.


He further challenged Dame’s reluctance to testify. “If he is a man, nothing precludes him from taking the witness stand. That I am a man, I am Godfred Yeboah Dame, the leader of the Bar and the Attorney General of the Republic and I am taking the witness stand,” he said.


Tamakloe emphasized the need for clarity on the meeting between Dame, Jakpa, and a respected Supreme Court Justice. “You have not disputed that there was a meeting between your good self, Richard Jakpa, and the respected Justice of the Supreme Court. You have not denied it. So my question to him, in the absence of any denial on oath from him, which of these stories should be believed?” he concluded.

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