Amoakwa-Boadu Clarifies: President doesn’t declare end to ‘Dumsor’ amid power crisis


Kingsley Amoakwa-Boadu, a private legal expert and member of the NPP communication team, observed that President Nana Akufo-Addo did not explicitly declare an end to the erratic power supply known as ‘Dumsor.’

Instead, he noted that the President expressed appreciation for Ghanaians’ patience during the ongoing power challenges. Amoakwa-Boadu emphasized that the government acknowledges the existing power supply difficulties.

During a discussion on recent power outages in Ghana, Amoakwa-Boadu highlighted the President’s gratitude towards citizens for their understanding during temporary challenges. He clarified that acknowledging challenges doesn’t equate to denying their existence.

President Akufo-Addo, speaking at the May Day celebrations, assured workers that the era of ‘Dumsor’ wouldn’t return, attributing the improved situation to maintenance work on faulty transformers by ECG.

Amoakwa-Boadu elaborated on the President’s statement, emphasizing that the government has implemented measures to prevent a recurrence of the power crisis.

He clarified that the President’s assurance meant proactive steps had been taken to address the issue, but localized power outages might still occur despite efforts to avoid nationwide load shedding.

“The President extended his heartfelt gratitude to Ghanaians for their patience and understanding during recent temporary challenge. It does not mean that we do not admit that there are no challenges.“Indeed, even before there was a dumsor, there are instances where it rains and there is a power outage and so you cannot say that he said something and if there is some power outage then there is dumsor,” he explained.

“Issues surrounding the maintenance of the transformers have been resolved, Indeed, we have witnessed stable power supply across the country with no load shedding reported anywhere yesterday…I am confident that the unfortunate era of dumsor will not return,” the President stated.

“He said we will not return to dumsor,” Amoakwa-Boadu stated.“When it comes to power outages, people experience it themselves. When he’s saying that we will not return, it means that we have taken steps to solve it. It does not mean that in your locality, you may not experience dumsor,” he added.

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