I know I’ve been away for a while without explanation — yet another common occurrence in our beloved country, by the way, so do pardon — but on my return I’ve experienced a couple of incidents which have made me really miss venting to you.

See, there have been a myriad of issues and, for today, I will just let you know all that has gone the typical Ghanaian route since you last heard from me.

To kick it off, the Black Stars went to a major tournament and failed to win the trophy despite spending a lot of money in the process – an ugly, worn-out narrative, I know, so let me not bore you with the details. This, of course, was followed by the usual outcry and the subsequent calm which we are now enjoying, but only till the next competition comes around and the cycle reboots.

Normal, too, eh?

Then there was the main waakye seller in my area who has suddenly decided to review the cost of her minimum servings from GHC 1.50 to GHC 2.00, which means I can no longer buy both garri and macaroni for each of my usual two sets; instead, it is now garri for one and macaroni for the other, simply because my salary didn’t head in the same direction as her prices.

But, even more constantly, our rickety transport system has remained the same since we last spoke, forcing me to obtain a tetanus shot due to scrapes from one rough trotro ride too many — and I’m only writing to you now because my taxi driver has been trying in vain to open my door for the last five minutes (honestly, I’m quite enjoying his failure because when I couldn’t sort it out myself, he looked at me funny — even with a hint of annoyance).

Oh, well, he just asked me to slide out through his own door so . . . here we go, charley!


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