Council of State rep in Western Region endorsed as acting Ahanta Traditional Council President 


The Western Regional representative of the Council of State, who is also the Chief of Princess Town, Nana Akwazi Abrabo IV has received endorsement from the Ahanta Traditional Council as their new Acting President of the Council.

The Chief of Cape-Three-Point, Nana Akyekese, addressing a press conference organised in Takoradi by the Ahanta Traditional Council, explained that the endorsement of Nana Akwazi Abrabo IV was a result of the temporary vacancy created due to the inability of the Ahanatene, to perform his statutory duties.

While justifying their decision to endorse the Chief as the Council’s Acting President, Nana Akyekese also refuted earlier publications by The Chronicle on the issue.

“The reason given by the Chronicle as the one that forced us to appoint Nana Akwanzi Abroba III as the Acting Paramount Chief at the emergency meeting was only imaginary and would not need to be commented on. There are several factors why among us as Akans, we would be compelled to appoint an Acting President to steer the affairs of the Council,” Nana Akyekese said.

He added, “when the paramount chief goes to his village, the traditions already know who would be appointed as a regent or caretaker chief for the paramountcy. But when a temporary vacuum is created by the President’s absence owing to illness, incapacity or any reason that would not make it possible for him to chair our meetings, the rules are also known. Let us be mindful of the fact that the Chronicle erred grievously when without official confirmation, it went ahead to publish that our Paramount Chief had joined his ancestors”.

He said they haven’t communicated to anyone that the chief is dead.

“Please take notice that we have not told anyone that the Omanhene has gone to his village. The day that it would be made known to us by his immediate family that the Omanhene is no more, we would use the available customary procedures to inform Ahanta citizens and Ghanaians at large about his demise. When an Omanhene feels that for any reason especially through illness, he cannot preside over the Council, he has every right to appoint someone to act in his stead.

“When the Council is of the view that the condition of the Omanhene is such that he cannot make the appointment himself, we call for a meeting and appoint one of our members to do so. As I have said earlier, the situation is different when the Omanhene joins his ancestors. Nananoom therefore condemns in no uncertain terms the use of names such as Mrs. Eunice Josephine Buah Asumah – Hinneh, La Bianca owner, the woman, among others, to describe Nana Akwanzi Abroba III of Princes Town by the Chronicle”, he said.

The Ahanta Chiefs also said the decision to endorse Nana Akwanzi Abroba III of Princes Town was due to her competencies to facilitate the progress of Ahantaland.

“We took so many factors into consideration before arriving at the decision we took. The Acting President is a gazetted Divisional Chief, no doubt about that. She is also an astute businesswoman who has demonstrated over the years that her managerial skills are excellent. You cannot be a great businessman when you lack managerial skills. You also cannot lead a person to any level of success when you lack great managerial skills.

“Nana is full of charity, a public-spirited person who has contributed to the creation of jobs, care for the poor, sponsorship of needy children through education and has constructed several community edifices such as schools, churches, clinics and the like. Nana has the requisite political, social and economic exposure that render her the most ideal candidate to lead us to organise this intended multimillion-cedi farewell programme for our great King Badu Bonsoe II”, he added.

The Spokesperson further denied that the Ahanta Traditional Council is in disarray.

“Let it therefore be known to all and sundry that the Ahanta Traditional Council is not in disarray, as the Chronicle story implies, and to assure the newly appointed Acting President of the traditional council of our full support…Let it be known that the total membership of the Traditional Council stands at thirty-one (31) of which number, there are 10 vacancies bringing the current membership to twenty-one (21).

“Present at the meeting were twenty (20) members which constitutes a majority. We wish to unequivocally state that Nana Akwazi Abrabo IV, was duly nominated and the said nomination was not contested, making her the preferred choice he defended”, he defended.

Nana Akwanzi Abroba III of Princes Town, known in private capacity as Eunice Hinneh Buah who is currently the Western Regional Council of State Representative and Chief Executive Officer of Labianca, was appointed the Ahanta Traditional Council on Tuesday, January 31, 2023.


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