Developing Women for Mobilisation calls for women’s empowerment and inclusion on International Women’s Day


Developing Women for Mobilisation (DWM) has applauded the remarkable contributions of women and girls worldwide towards achieving a fairer and more equitable society.


In commemoration of International Women’s Day, the former First Lady of Ghana, Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings, released a stirring statement through the organisation, emphasising the need for women to uplift each other and inspire positive change in their communities.


Under the theme “Inspire Inclusion,” Agyeman-Rawlings highlighted the importance of empowering women to participate actively in political processes and leadership roles, urging government bodies such as the National Commission for Civic Education and the Ministry of Gender Children and Social Protection to implement concrete measures to support women’s engagement in politics.


Furthermore, Agyeman-Rawlings urged the government to ensure adequate representation of women in commissions and institutions responsible for promoting peace and security, advocating for a review of the national constitution to facilitate women’s involvement in decision-making processes.


With 2024 being an election year for Ghana, Agyeman-Rawlings emphasised the significance of women’s participation in all institutional processes, stressing the need for inclusivity to ensure a smooth and peaceful election. She called upon institutions, organizations, political parties, and Ghanaians at large to recognize the importance of gender parity in shaping the country’s future.


In her message, Agyeman-Rawlings urged women to embrace leadership roles, emphasizing that there is no force more powerful than women determined to rise. She called for solidarity among women, advocating for the upliftment of marginalized voices and the creation of an environment where every woman feels valued and empowered to thrive.


As the Developing Women for Mobilisation remains committed to promoting inclusivity and empowerment in Ghana, Agyeman-Rawlings concluded her statement by reaffirming their dedication to advocating for a more inclusive society through their programs and initiatives.


With her impassioned plea for gender equality and empowerment, Agyeman-Rawlings continues to be a beacon of inspiration for women across Ghana and beyond, urging them to strive for a future where every woman can reach her full potential.



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