SDD-Ghana urges stakeholders to prioritise action over numbers in empowering women



Savings and Development Dialogue, Ghana (SDD-Ghana), a think-tank, has called upon stakeholders to move beyond mere statistics and confront the systemic issues facing women globally.

As the world marks another year of recognising the challenges and achievements of women, SDD-Ghana emphasises the need to go beyond celebratory gestures and address the fundamental barriers hindering women’s progress.

In a recent statement released and signed by Dr Sadat Salifu, chairman of the board of trustees of SDD-Ghana, he highlighted that efforts to empower women should not be viewed as favours but as essential steps to rectify years of marginalisation and inequality.

Under the theme “Investing in Women: Accelerating Progress,” SDD-Ghana advocates for a shift towards addressing structural, cultural, and institutional impediments that continue to restrict women’s access to resources and opportunities. The organization underscores the importance of expediting the passage of the Affirmative Action Bill as a crucial first step towards dismantling these barriers.

However, SDD-Ghana warns against reducing the passage of the bill to a mere checkbox exercise, emphasizing the need for conscious efforts to address the multifaceted challenges facing women in society. The organization calls for a holistic approach that encompasses the diverse needs of women across rural and urban settings, acknowledging the intersectionality of factors such as literacy and socioeconomic status.

Furthermore, SDD-Ghana urges governments, civil society organizations, and development partners to prioritize understanding and addressing the unique needs of different groups of women. By moving away from a focus solely on numerical representation and towards sustainable outcomes, stakeholders can work towards genuine inclusivity and fairness.

SDD-Ghana extends congratulations to all women for their contributions to progress at various levels and reaffirms its commitment to collaborative efforts aimed at enhancing inclusivity and equality.

SDD is the ‘People’s Think Tank’, enabling it to accompany communities and groups on the development journey armed with evidence of what works. The agency adopts innovative, inclusive and inspiring (3is) approaches to tackling development challenges. Our approach is double-edge, incorporating a business case to social development and specific solutions directed at reducing vulnerability.

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