Efya warns musicians against resorting to dark arts, urges them to preserve integrity


Efya, Ghanaian music sensation, discloses she has consistently rejected offers to employ dark arts for success throughout her career.

During an interview on Accra 100.5 FM’s Ayekoo Ayekoo with guest host Akua Sonto, Efya discussed recent reports of individuals resorting to extreme measures for wealth.


“It’s a warning I am sending out to everyone – don’t sell your soul to the devil,” Efya said. “There are many things that appear to be beautiful but you must not engage in them.”

Efya opened up about her own encounters, disclosing that she has been propositioned with offers involving rituals and supernatural practices to boost her success. Nevertheless, she steadfastly declined, emphasizing her commitment to maintaining her values and recognizing the genuine source of her success.

Unmoved, she said, “I always put it [the suggestion] down and just let them know that I know where my source is and my source does not ask me to go and do those things”.


Noting that “it is fashionable these days” to use unethical spiritual means to gain success, she stressed, “There are so many things you are at liberty to do but you do not actually have to”.


The singer, known for hits like “No More,” highlighted that while there are many enticing options in life, individuals should refrain from succumbing to unethical means for success.


Efya issued a warning against the rising trend of resorting to dark spiritual practices for fame and success. She stressed the availability of alternative paths that allow individuals to succeed without compromising their principles.


In the interview, Efya shared insights into her religious background, highlighting her Christian affiliation with the Assemblies of God. She mentioned being born into the Presbyterian faith and adapting to her mother’s marriage to an Assemblies of God member.


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