Empowering the next generation: A call to Godly patriotism and leadership



In an inspiring session held on Monday with the vibrant youth of the Church of Pentecost PIWC Youth Ministry, an illuminating discourse unfolded on the theme of “Patriotism: Exhibiting Godly Values as Citizens to Possess Nations.” The message, imbued with wisdom and spiritual insight, delivered by Mr. Kow Essuman, the Legal Counsel to the President of Ghana, called upon the young attendees to embody the virtues of godly leadership and integrity as they navigate their roles within society.

Essuman, who considers himself a servant of God with a rich journey of faith and leadership, shared profound truths that resonated deeply with the audience. At the heart of the message was the critical need for Christians to be strategically positioned within society’s various spheres, ensuring that the will of God prevails. Highlighting a pressing concern, Mr. Essuman pointed out the risks associated with the absence of God’s people in leadership positions — a void often filled by those whose values may not align with godly principles, potentially leading governance away from what is just and righteous.


Drawing upon his own experiences, Mr. Essuman conveyed that leadership, in its true essence, transcends authority and power. It is fundamentally about service, integrity, and aligning our actions with God’s will. One of the key biblical references made was to Proverbs 22:1, which emphasises the eternal value of a good reputation over material wealth, underscoring integrity as a fundamental godly value.

The call to action was clear and compelling: young Christians are summoned to be patriots in a manner distinctively shaped by their faith and the godly values they uphold. This form of patriotism is about demonstrating these values not only in their personal lives but also as they step into leadership roles, influencing the direction and governance of their nation.

Essuman inspired the youth by invoking the exemplary lives of biblical figures such as Joseph, Daniel, and Esther — individuals who, despite facing challenges, stood firm in their faith and positively influenced the governance of foreign lands. These stories serve as powerful reminders of the impact that godly leadership can have on a nation’s destiny.

This message comes at a crucial time when the world is grappling with significant challenges across various fronts. The youth, equipped with the teachings and values of their faith, are positioned to make a transformative impact on their society. By embracing godly leadership, service, and integrity, they can lead efforts to possess nations for God, not through force or coercion but through the compelling power of godly character and principles.

The Church of Pentecost PIWC Youth Ministry’s engagement with such profound topics underscores their commitment to nurturing a generation of leaders who are not only equipped with spiritual wisdom but are also ready to take on the mantle of godly leadership in society. As the young men and women of the ministry absorb these teachings, they are being prepared to step boldly into their roles as godly patriots, ready to make a difference in their nation and beyond.

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