Female expert interviews on decline in Ghanaian media – Survey

Female expert interview in Ghana media low
Female expert interview in Ghana media low

A recent survey by the Ghana Women Expert Project has revealed an alarming decline in the number of women interviewed in the Ghanaian media for their expertise.

The study, which tracked the participation of female experts in various fields, was conducted between February and May 2023, and the findings have raised important questions about gender inclusivity in media representation.

The survey, led by freelance journalists Nana Ama Agyemang Asante and Betty Kankam-Boadu, received support and funding from the Journalism Department at the City University of London.

It closely monitored the content of four media outlets in Ghana: Citi FM, Peace FM, Joy FM, and Morning Starr.

Key findings from the survey include:

● The number of women interviewed in the Ghanaian media for their expertise decreased by 6.6% in the second round of the survey.
● The ratio of male to female experts was 9 to 1.
● The total count of female experts on all shows was lower than that of male experts on a single show.
● Although Joy SMS interviewed the highest number of male and female experts, Morning Starr allocated the most airtime to female experts, with a total of 3 hours, 12 minutes, and 25 seconds
● Only 12% of the experts interviewed by the media were women.
● Only 113 out of the 936 experts interviewed during the period were women
● Female experts received less airtime, with only 116 minutes and 4 seconds per week on all shows.
● Women experts were more likely to be interviewed about gender-related issues than other topics.

The survey’s results underscore the urgency of addressing gender disparities in media representation and fostering a more inclusive environment where women’s voices and expertise are equally valued across a broad spectrum of topics.

Visit Ghanawomenexperts.com for details of the full report.


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