‘We’re organizing Football tournament for Ewe speaking countries in West Africa to promote Unity’ – Dagadu Foster Enam


Executive member of Ghana boxing federation and president of West Africa Union of Ewe’s has organized a football competition for the countries that the ewe language is spoken.

He’s is of the view that sports can unite Ewes across the four West Africa nations where Ewe is wisely spoken by the natives.

The experienced sports journalist who doubles as president of west Africa Union of Ewe’s said date and time is set to launch maiden Ewe Nation Cup Football tournament.

“I believe sports, especially football is enough tool to use to bring ewes together and put priority on the dialect, many people in west Africa and within Nigeria, Togo, Benin and Ghana don’t know that Ewe dialect is spoken in these countries” he told the press.

We have over six million ewes in Ghana, three Million and over in Togo, six hundred to million is republic of Benin and over five hundred thousand in Nigeria”.

“This tournament will be annual event to bring Ewe land together and encourage Ewes to speak Ewe and give Ewe names to their children for quick identification and marketing of Ewe dialect”,.

“If you know ewe is spoken in all these countries, one will not be ashamed to speak the dialect or to be identify by it”, he added.

September 9, 2023 is a date set to lunch the organization and the tournament at Lome Togo DKR GALAXY and the one week tournament will be held in Ghana,

” Im is using this platform appealing to organization and individual to come to their aid for sponsorship to make this reality”, he concluded.

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