Fresh oil leak spotted from Mauritius ship


Fresh oil leak spotted from Mauritius ship
Days after crews celebrated an end to leakage from a grounded ship in Mauritius, fuel oil has once again been spotted escaping into the sea.

More booms and a skimmer vessel have been sent to control the slick, the country’s National Crisis Committee says.

“This type of leakage was expected and is due to the bending and twisting of the vessel,” it said in a statement, adding that although staff had been deployed, members of the public would soon be “required” to help too.

Environmental experts have warned of an ecological disaster after the Japanese-owned MV Wakashio ran aground on a coral reef on 25 July and started leaking last week.

While far more oil has spilled in previous cases, experts say this is likely to cause extensive damage because it has happened near two environmentally protected marine ecosystems and the Blue Bay Marine Park reserve, which is a wetland of international importance.

Source: BBC

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