‘Ghana Football is in safe hands’ – Ghana FA Capo Kurt Okraku


The president of the Ghana Football Association, Mr Kurt Okraku says Football in the country is in safe hands with him in charge of the Association.

According to him, Ghana Football has struggled and suffered a lot but it is now in a safe hands going into the future.


“Ghana football has suffered. Ghana football has struggled but Ghana football is on the rise. Ghana football, most importantly, is in safe hands.

“The safe hand is the one addressing all of you. The trusted leader is the one speaking to all of you. People believe in the leadership and trust in the leadership. Most importantly, the trust in the vision of the leader.

“We’re here today to say one thing: we are together. We’re together in good times. We’re together in bad times. Our game will go through bad times but our game will go through a lot of good times.

“We have to come together as one family. That is the essence of being in football. My hands are opened and I’ll welcome the other minds at all times because it is the strength that I pick from the other minds that make this family a unique and strong family.

“From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all the Women Premier League clubs, Premier League clubs, Division One League clubs, Regional Football Associations and all constituent bodies for your undiluted support behind this mission.

“The pledge as we have shown today is that we are firmly committed to develop football, we invite everybody believes in this vision and has the right level of skill set and everybody who is committed and willing to be part of this agenda.

“Ghana football, again, is in safe hands,” he added.

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