Government plans to launch 5G services by end of 2024



Telecel Ghana’s Chief Operating Officer, Mohamad Ghaddar, highlighted the importance of NGIC’s neutral “Network as a Service” model, stating, “NGIC’s neutral and ‘Network as a Service’ model creates a level-playing field for all telecom operators in Ghana. As an MNO, our focus will be to enhance customer experience through innovative services, localized content, applications, and affordable devices. We are excited to be part of this venture and looking forward to working with NGIC in a shared vision of universal access to broadband and transform Ghana into a Digital Economy.”

Echoing this sentiment, Leo Skarlatos, CEO of AT Ghana, remarked on the benefits of the partnership: “This partnership will enable us to leverage a neutral, shared platform and scale up our services across Ghana. We are confident that our customers will experience enhanced network quality and affordable services that they deserve. We look forward to working with NGIC and the MOCD, to contribute to the country’s digital transformation agenda.”

Despite the optimism from Telecel Ghana and AT Ghana, the notable absence of MTN Ghana, the leading telecom provider in the country, raises questions. MTN Ghana had announced in 2021 their intention to roll out 5G services in 2022. However, this plan was thwarted when the National Communications Authority (NCA) refused to grant them the necessary license.

The government’s decision to withhold the 5G license from MTN was part of a broader strategy to address market imbalances. In June 2020, MTN was declared a Significant Market Power (SMP) due to its dominant position. Allowing MTN to deploy 5G while other telecom operators struggled to establish 4G networks would have exacerbated this imbalance.

What remains unclear is whether MTN chose to opt out of the shared 5G infrastructure initiative or if they were deliberately excluded to level the playing field for other telecom operators. The absence of MTN in the shared infrastructure arrangement raises questions about future competition and market dynamics in Ghana’s telecom sector.

Telecel Ghana’s plan to tap into capital markets and attract strategic investors highlights the dynamic and evolving nature of the telecom industry in Ghana. This move aims to ensure a robust and competitive market that can drive the country’s digital transformation forward.

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