He’s a “workaholic leader”- Prince Armah lauds NAPO’s leadership qualities

Matthew Opoku Prempeh aka NAPO
Matthew Opoku Prempeh aka NAPO

Dr. Prince Armah, deputy minister for Works and Housing and MP for Kwesimintsim, has said Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh’s leadership attributes make him an exemplary choice for the role of vice presidential candidate of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Dr. Armah, who has closely worked with Prempeh, popularly called NAPO, in various capacities, emphasised NAPO’s unwavering work ethic and relentless pursuit of excellence.

“If you are looking for a workaholic leader, you will find that in NAPO. He tirelessly works to ensure projects are completed on time and to the highest standards,” Armah said in an article to the press, adding that NAPO’s commitment to results over effort was evident in his quick resolution of bureaucratic delays, ensuring smooth project execution.

Armah also highlighted NAPO’s courage of conviction, particularly in implementing significant educational reforms like the Free SHS policy and curriculum reform. “Despite facing strong opposition, NAPO stood firm, articulating the benefits and defending the implementation of these policies with well-researched arguments,” Armah stated. This steadfastness underscores NAPO’s ability to maintain his principles in the face of criticism.

NAPO’s genuineness and sincerity were also lauded by Armah, who recounted instances where NAPO supported the integrity of the book review process against influential publishers seeking favoritism. “NAPO firmly supported maintaining the integrity of the process, demonstrating his commitment to fairness and justice,” Armah said, highlighting NAPO’s dedication to ethical leadership.

Moreover, NAPO’s support for others was a key attribute underscored by Armah. “NAPO’s care for the welfare and ambitions of others is evident in his non-competitive nature. He actively supports the aspirations of his team members,” Armah noted, citing the political successes of team members who worked under NAPO’s leadership at the Ministry of Education.

“If you are looking for somebody who speaks his mind, regardless of whether it is politically correct or not, then you find one in NAPO; a very genuine and authentic voice,” Armah commented, emphasising NAPO’s commitment to truth and transparency.

He stated: “The Bawumia-NAPO ticket represents a blend of visionary leadership, innovation, and unwavering commitment to progress. Their combined expertise spans economic management, technological advancement, educational reform, health and energy sector improvements. Their partnership promises a brighter, more prosperous future for Ghana.”


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