Huawei Y9 Prime 2019’s new screen ushers in


We spend a considerable amount of time interacting with our phone screens. And the focal point of all that interaction? The display. Chatting with friends and family members, watching videos and playing games, most of the features we use nowadays on our smartphones are related to the screen and smartphone users are demanding bigger and innovative screens more than any time ever.

That is why Huawei, a brand known for its innovative approach and bringing meaningful phone features to users has invested in developing phones that embed screens with minimal bezels and innovative designs.

This month, Huawei is launching the HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019 and it comes loaded with features that would absolutely blow your mind.

Smartphones have featured notches of different shapes and sizes and within which there would be the front camera for selfies, the notification indicator and other sensors. But with the HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019, Huawei is rolling out a product free of notches, holes or sliders.

But has Huawei decided to remove the front camera and other sensors from this device? No. Actually the front camera is still there but hidden somewhere within the body and completely invisible. It shows up elegantly within one second when you feel like taking a selfie and retraces back in same style. It is a new auto pop-up camera that shows up when you switch to the front camera in the interface. And it is built to raise and retract 100,000 times, so if you take 100 selfies a day, you have a device that lasts at least 2.7 years, which is beyond the average lifetime of a smartphone.

So getting rid of the notch, you have got a big screen that measures 6.59 inches, and it is a known fact that a bigger screen can make all the difference. This phone will certainly provide users with an ultimate viewing experience watching videos and TV series and the most fulfilling gaming sessions.

Having such a bezel-less and awesome display might mean us losing track of time and spend extended hours on the phone. However, Huawei has designed the display to filter harmful blue light emissions, adjust the color and temperature and protect users from fatigue or eye strain.

Preorder of the highly anticipated device will start this June. With a display screen that is free of notches and holes and accompanied by auto pop-up camera, gaming lovers and video-watching fans alike are destined to enjoy an exceptional experience.

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