Korle Bu Teaching Hospital to carry out mass burial over congested morgue


Authorities at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Ghana have served notice to undertake a mass burial of “some unclaimed and unknown bodies to decongest the hospital mortuary.”

The exercise is due in two weeks, according to a statement by officials at the country’s biggest referral center.

“These bodies have been in the morgue for varying periods ranging from one to three years and this has contributed to the exhaustion of the morgue’s capacity,” the statement signed by Head of Public Affairs at the hospital, Mustapha Salifu read.

The general public has thus been urged to contact the hospital for any clarity. This comes in the wake of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Major cultural and religious events, including funerals have been put on hold following a ban on social gatherings. Many families have, however, decided not to hold private burials for their loved ones until the ban is lifted.

But in his seventh televised address, President Akufo-Addo urged bereaved families to consider quiet burials for their loved ones.

“As difficult as it may be, I encourage all bereaved persons to conduct private burials of their loved ones, but ensure that the 25-person limit is not breached. Indeed, some are burying their loved ones now, in order to have the final funeral rites later. The morgues in the country are becoming full, and will, in themselves, soon pose a public health hazard. So, let us act quickly on this,”  the President stated.

The country’s Covid-19 status stands at 1,154 with nine deaths.

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