Kwaku Asare writes on mass failure at Law School

Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo
Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo

Dear Madam Chief Justice:

I write to you in the hope that you will use your good offices to bring justice to the suffering students of the Ghana School of Law.

The recently released results by the IEC showing that only 64 students passed the professional examination is the immediate cause of this letter but the matters that bother me and many others are long standing, systemic and in need of your immediate attention.

While, in my opinion, Parliament erred in legalizing the IEC, which your Court described as alien to our laws, this error is being compounded in that subsequent to the passage of the LI, nobody has been made aware of the rules for the appointment of examiners, ensuring uniformity of marking scripts and the timing of the release of graded examinations. As such, the IEC operates on an ad hoc basis and takes action by fiat.

On behalf of the students and in my own capacity as a concerned citizen, I demand an explanation of why there was an unusually long delay in releasing the results of examinations written as far back as June 2018.

I have reason to doubt the integrity, even the competence, of the examiners in setting questions and preparing marking schemes. Among others, the leakage of an entrance examination question last year and an illegal supplementary examination that was scheduled provide the basis for this allegation. This leakage and other practices, such as the delay described supra, has brought to the fore all the doubts that led me and others to oppose the legalization of the IEC.

I further demand the immediate release of the examiners’ report and marking scheme for the aforementioned examination.

I call for the setting up of a review board, comprising of members of the School of Law Faculty, to review the marking scheme and all the scripts.

The need for an immediate and total review of scripts is especially important because last year almost all students who had the money to pay for remarking were successful. I am aware of at least one student whose score went up from 37 to 73 upon regrading.

Alas, because an extortionate fee of ₵3,000 is required prior to regrading, only students who can afford it take advantage of the regrading process. With respect, where is the justice in students paying ₵3,000 for regrading their exam?

In this vein, I call for the immediate scrapping of the obnoxious and unconscionable regrading fee to allow all who want remarking to do so.

Madam Chief Justice, I am afraid that we are pushing the students to the limit with a series of unjust and archaic practices that will one day lead to an explosive situation.

I urge you to treat the matters raised in this letter with the urgency that they require.

Please accept, her Ladyship, the assurance of my highest consideration.

Da Yie!

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo
Attorney General Gloria Akuffo
Justice William Atuguba
Director, School of Law
Faculty of School of Law
Deans of all Law Faculties

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