Kwasi Kwarteng tipped to win Asante Akyem North NPP Primaries


In anticipation of the upcoming New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary primaries scheduled for January 27, 2024, the Ashanti Regional Caucus of the Friends of Bawumia (FOB) has conducted a comprehensive opinion survey among 300 selected delegates from the Asante Akim North constituency.

The strategic plan implemented by the Asante Akim North caucus FOB aimed to gauge voting preferences and trends within the constituency.

The survey carried out through face-to-face contact, spanned five days, with each delegate spending approximately 30 to 40 minutes sharing their insights.

The data was meticulously cross-tabulated and analyzed, offering a nuanced understanding of the attitudes and voting inclinations among different ethnic groups in the constituency.

Survey Results

The survey delved into various aspects concerning the candidates, including their perceived strengths, preferences, commitment to specific candidates, assessment of candidate information, and predictions regarding the undecided voters. The results provided a comprehensive overview of the delegates’ sentiments, which is vital in predicting the outcome of the upcoming primaries.

The breakdown of the delegate preferences is as follows:

Andy Kwame Appiah Kubi: – 25%

Kwadwo Baah Agyemang: -8%

Stephen Obeng Saka: – 5%

Kwasi Kwarteng: -42%

Dr. S. K. Frimpong: -20%

Conclusion and Feedback

Based on one-on-one interactions with over 280 delegates, including 30 FOB coordinators who are also delegates in the Asante Akim North Constituency, several key observations were made through the research conducted:

1. Yearning for Change: Delegates expressed a strong desire for a change in the upcoming NPP Parliamentary Primaries.

2. Discontent with Incumbent MP: A significant majority of delegates indicated a reluctance to vote for the incumbent MP.

3. Overwhelming Support for Kwasi Kwarteng: 65 to 70% of the delegates have already decided to support Mr Kwasi Kwarteng as their new Parliamentary Candidate.

4. Financial Motivation as a Factor: Delegates revealed that financial incentives play a crucial role in their decision-making process.

5. Fear of “Tagging”: Many delegates expressed apprehension about being labelled due to past commitments to the incumbent MP.

6. Division in Party Leadership: The primaries have led to significant divisions within the leadership structure of the party in the constituency.

Attrition: Why money inducement is no longer enough

The report highlights that financial motivation alone is no longer sufficient in elections. Dedication, experience, commitment, and a targeted approach to delegates were emphasized as more critical factors.

During discussions with delegates, it became apparent that a significant portion (25%) lacked a clear understanding of the duties and functions associated with being a delegate, raising concerns about superficial support.

The report also noted that the election album seemed biased in favour of the incumbent MP, who is currently facing unpopularity and is expected to struggle in the 2024 general election.

Candidate Analysis

The research revealed that the incumbent MP has lost popularity. Despite Hon. Kwadwo Baah Agyeman’s waning popularity and Dr S.K. Frimpong’s perceived gentleness, the report suggests that Mr Kwasi Kwarteng, a distinguished academic known for his philanthropic work in the constituency, has emerged as the frontrunner among the five candidates.

The report also reveals that but for the double-roots of Dr. S.K Frimpong, he would have pulled a surprise; unfortunately for him a lot of delegates who believe he is not a true indigene of Asante Akyem North are not going to vote for him.

As the NPP Parliamentary primaries approach, all eyes are on Asante Akim North, where the tide seems to be favouring a fresh face in the form of Kwasi Kwarteng, signalling a potential shift in political dynamics within the constituency.

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