Modest fashion – an emerging fashion trend in today’s world hits Accra


Dressing has over the years grown past merely wearing pieces of material to reduce cold or better still cover up a person’s dignity. It is seen as an art form were people combine the benefits of wearing clothing and making a mark of style in today’s world. It is regarded all over the world as a language everyone understands. That is to say, what a person wears communicates what he/she feels and where they belong.

Modest fashion can be interpreted in many ways. Nevertheless, it is typically used to describe clothing that conceals rather than accentuates the body. Modest fashion is when one wears what he/she feels is most appropriate at the time, but taking into consideration religion and culture. Modest fashion was born through the need for more fashionable clothing options for young religious women and men. The fashion industry is now open to new ideas and creations and social media has prompted diversity to become a mainstay within the industry. Women of different shapes, sizes, color and faith can equally be as stylish and classy as anyone else.

Modest Fashion Week Accra is a One day fashion and marketing event which comes off from 3 of August. It will successfully establish itself as a pacesetter in emerging fashion dynamics and trends, heavily influencing the art, fashion, stylish conservative yet liberal strata of faith based fashion choices linked to beliefs of this niche demography.

MFWA seeks to provide a platform for the promotion and marketing of modest fashion. In so doing, It will create an environment for style shoppers ,models, stylists, designers, retailers, brand ambassadors of modest brands opportunities in the multi – strata fashion and arts industry, while showing the world that there is beauty in modesty. We believe that covering up does not limit an individual, people can express their individuality in whatever clothing they choose to wear.

This is the time for the key players in the modest fashion industry to reach a wider range of customers/ people with similar objectives to partner with. It promises to be a great marketing and learning environment as style influencers, models, designers and retailers will all come together towards promoting modest fashion. Exhibitors and retailers can call for limited slot, can contact Modest Fashion Ghana Limited on all social media @modestfashionweekaccra, email: or call us on 0503892161/0266868261

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