Open letter to NIA boss Prof. Ken Agyeman Attafuah

Ken Attafuah

Dear Prof Attafuah,

I am compelled to use this medium to speak to you and to your conscience and thus help you realign your moral compass to be in alignment with your Christian faith, professional ethos as a lawyer and criminologist of international repute, and acknowledge your standing as an educator (lecturer who imparts knowledge especially to the youth and future leaders), and try to help you reflect on the legacy you wish to be remembered for one day when you answer to your eternal home-call, by your family and relations from the Asante Akim traditional area, by your friends, by your former school mates and alumni of the various schools and universities you attended, and former work colleagues both here in Ghana and Canada.

Prof before I get to the substantive issue and reason for my writing this open letter to you, I want you to know firstly that I am ordinary Ghanaian citizen of Akan (Ashanti) extraction, and I am over 75 years old. I have been around since Ghana’s independence and have witnessed and experienced all political regimes from the first to current fourth Republic and the military juntas that were sandwiched in between.

In terms of my partisan affiliation I tend to defy the typical Ashanti partisan stereotype and see myself firstly as a Ghanaian. I make no secret of my disdain for the vile brand of rogue politics practiced by the Busia-Danquah-Dombo political tradition which now operates as NPP throughout Ghana’s contemporary political history.

My reasons for proclaiming the “vile brand of NPP politics” is informed primarily by the political activities of the Akim Kyebi faction (widely known in political circles as “Akim Mafia”) especially those of the Ofori-Atta and JB Danquah lineage, and their proxies, assigns and allies. The Ashanti faction of NPP holds the cards for the future of the Busia-Danquah-Dombo political tradition largely on account of the positive legacies of John Agyekum Kufuor (JAK) to help the erase unpleasant memories, divisiveness and vindictive politics of the Akim factions whose dark legacies are a stain on NPP.

I enumerate below some of the dark legacies of the Busia-Danquah-Dombo political tradition:

Subversive acts perpetrated right from the dawn of independence, sponsored by thugs recruited by JB Danquah and his close confidants at the time. Acts of insurrection including indiscriminate bomb and grenade throwing ostensibly aimed at supporters of CPP who were nonetheless ordinary citizens exercising their suffrage rights at the time. Acts of terrorism and pioneers in using “suicide bombing” (Kulungugu bombing incident) which incident occurred long before Jihadists like Taliban, Al-Shabab resorted to suicide bombing

Contract murder and numerous assassinations incidents such as the killing of Salifu Dargarti at the Flag Staff House during the first Republic. During the current fourth Republic we are witnesses to the gory murder of JB Danquah Adu (former MP of Abuakwa North Constituency) and startling remarks and utterances by Danial Asiedu, JB Danquah Adu’s suspected murder. We also witnessed the gory “acid bath” murder of Alhaji Adams Mahama (former Upper East Regional Chairman of NPP). Many who remember the Kumasi matemeho savage attacks, and also the ritual murder of Nana Akyea Mensah (Odikro of Akim Apedwa in 1943 shortly after the death of Nana Sir Ofori Atta 1) may appreciate the likely perpetrators of such acts.

Other subversive acts during the fourth Republic include recruitment of mercenaries from South Africa to train armed pro-NPP militia groups like Invisible Forces, Delta Forces etc. who were responsible for acts of violence and skirmishes at NPP Asylum Down Headquarters (2015, 2016), the attack at the Kumasi High Court in 2017 to release some of their members under trial at the Kumasi High Court. Sadly, many of the miscreants from Delta Forces and Invisible Forces have been integrated into the Ghana Security Services where they effectively serve as NPP Regime Forces under Constitutional Commander-in-Chief of Republic of Ghana.

The Ayawaso West Wugon (AWW) by-election violence was a dress rehearsal of what Ghanaian’s are likely to expect should they repeat the “cardinal sin” of the 2012 elections by rejecting a second term for Nana Addo. A second “supreme court election petition” is also off the cards as it will cast NPP in bad light even though Nana Addo is busy packing the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Courts with Judges sympathetic to NPP as a preemptive strategy to subvert the “rule of law”

Prof as a citizen of Ghana it is your constitutional right and fundamental human right to associate with any political party of your choice so I do not begrudge you for being a member of NPP. However, as an Ashanti tribesman I would have preferred you aligned yourself to JAK (who will go down as the best NPP president). Considering the fate that befell notable Ashanti’s in NPP like Kwame Pianim, Dr. Charles Wereko-Brobbey, Kwabena Agyei-Agyapong under the leadership of Nana Addo, I hope your post statutory retirement contract extended by Nana Addo is not the reason that you may act as a hireling.

Prof for your information together with some law-abiding citizens we have compiled a dossier of veritable facts, authentic evidence including information in the public domain and information otherwise hidden from the public. The dossiers we have compiled are dossiers on the true identity and modus operandi of Busia-Danquah-Dombo political tradition. We have also gathered information associated with AWW. Our intention is to use the information and evidence to haul some personalities before the International Criminal Court of Justice at the Hague (ICC) should Ghana experience a repeat of the AWW incident during the December 2020 presidential elections.

Prof it is obvious that your collaboration with Jean Mensah where the Electoral Commission and National Identification Authority are acting in concert to disfranchise voters ahead of 2020 elections is a recipe for potential disaster. Please note that majority of citizens have lost confidence in our judiciary so we shall not seek recourse to the Supreme Court of Ghana to adjudicate on matters likely to arise should Nana Addo and NPP proceed on the trajectory they are pursuing. We are confident that the ICC does not have NPP activists cloaked as Supreme Court Justices and so the evidence we have gathered meets the criteria to haul notable persons before the ICC to face trial if any lives are lost and we experience political unrest during the December elections.

Prof were you and Dr Mahmudu Bawumia were students at Simon Fraser University (Canada) at the same time? Did the university offer courses that helped one to acquire proficiency skills in lying and peddling falsehoods?
Prof stay safe, stay strong and do the right thing

Archimedes Owusu-Ababio
(Citizen of Ghana)

In politics and in life ignorance is not a virtue – Barrack Hussein Obama (Former President of USA)

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