Opinion: Academic footsoldiers strike again

John Mahama at the Ringway Assemblies of God Church
John Mahama at the Ringway Assemblies of God Church

Today I am not wasting much time on this joke of a group. The so-called progressive intellectuals of the NDC have waded into the lies of Mr. John Mahama and his wing of the NDC about the outcome of the 2020 elections. The content of the release signed by a Professor is so narrow and backward-looking that one begins to wonder what is happening to thinking.

Those who are old enough may recall work place PDCs, later ACDRs during the PNDC era. These so-called intellectuals are exactly that. Indeed I am told some of them were! As a result they go about their misbehavior with lies and loads of pomposity. Even by NDC standards, no serious mind will waste time believing the tales by candidate Mahama and his brand of NDC followers. Yet these are academics believing in these stories and issuing statements on them whilst threatening mayhem. Am I to understand that these ‘progressive intellectuals’ think that justice is only done when the loser is declared a winner? I thought it was Mr. Mahama who was behaving like a kid who has misplaced his toy. Too bad that he has some intellectuals for company!

This academic gang advances the fatalistic argument that the outcome of the December 7 elections does not reflect the will of the people. It is difficult to say whether this position is informed by Mr. Mahama’s intransigence or simply a reflection of the ebbing tide of a strain of academics clamouring for another round of opportunity to loot state coffers. Either way, the credibility deficit reflects a lack of candour and the flaws of footsoldierism. I will even go as far as say the posture of the NDC’s progressive intellectuals demonstrates just how difficult it is for a party to refuel intellectually while majoring in lies, bigotry and shameful conduct.

Dear reader, it is the last paragraph of that misnomer of a press statement that should attract a harsh word or two. Read them: “PI is calling on civil society and well-meaning Ghanaians to rise up as citizens and not spectators to defend the constitution of Ghana, safeguard the rights of all Ghanaian voters to have credible results through the exercise of their franchise and to resist oppressors rule. Anything short of this will not only derail the gains Ghana has made in its 4th Republic and jeopardize the nation’s democratic dispensation but can also plunge this peaceful country into civil unrest.”

In reacting to this nonsense, I will simply say never has irresponsibility been this stupid or stupidity this irresponsible.

So much for progressive intellectualism!

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