Peace Council Urges Electoral Commission: safeguard independence in 2024 Elections


The National Peace Council has issued a stern warning to the Electoral Commission (EC), urging it to uphold its independence responsibly in the lead-up to the December elections. Emphasizing the importance of fostering an environment of openness and inclusivity, the Council stressed that the EC should be receptive to constructive suggestions aimed at ensuring the integrity of the electoral process.

At the launch of the National Elections Response Group, a member of the Council, Malvi Mohammed Bin Salih, underscored the need for the EC to heed diverse perspectives in its decision-making. He cautioned against using the mantle of independence as a shield to dismiss valuable input, emphasizing that such actions could have grave consequences if the elections were marred by irregularities.

“Independent they are, yes. But that doesn’t stop them from listening to Ghanaians, listening to the wisdom of our elders, and so on and so forth,” he asserted. “They should not, under any circumstances, hide behind independence to refuse to consult and listen.”

Salih further highlighted the potential for the EC to either foster national unity and progress through effective governance of the electoral process or risk fracturing the nation should it falter in its duties. He urged the EC to rise to the occasion and uphold its mandate to safeguard Ghana’s democratic principles, lest history judge them harshly for any missteps.

“If they put their act together and do it well, they can put Ghana together and they can place Ghana on a pedestal of peace and progress. But if they don’t act well, they can also break Ghana and posterity will not forgive them if it so happens.”

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