Pragmatism, vision, innovation, and empowerment: The four pillars of Gennaro Tella’s Business Model


A business model can make or break a new business. It can lay a sturdy foundation or crumble it from within. Entrepreneur and CEO of marketing company Attitude, Gennaro Tella, has developed a 4-tier business model strong enough to support any business.

The four pillars that make up the foundation of Tella’s business model are – pragmatism, vision, innovation, and empowerment. Firstly, Tella explains that launching a new company can bring a lot of stress and uncertainty. This is why pragmatism is an essential component in any business plan. The second pillar – vision, provides you with a compass that can help you stay focused and positive about the future of your business.

“Your third pillar is innovation,” he says, “and that is what will set your business apart from your competitors. It will make your product unique.” “Strengthening your team will strengthen your business. So empowerment is a gift that you, as a business owner possess, and that you can bestow upon both, your self and your staff.” Speaking of the overall power of his business model, Tella says, “This model covers both the important traits that a leader needs to have and the crucial pillars that can support the weight of a new business.”

Gennaro Tella founded Attitude in 2007. The multi-faceted company has a focus on digital marketing and B2B and B2C sales networks. Tella shares that he is a detail-focused thinker. He develops strategies like his four-tiered plan by analyzing the dynamics of each situation or obstacle that he or his business needs to overcome.

Your business model is crucial in establishing your new business, and it is worth examining every potential option.

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