RIPE & READY: The Golden Touch of Adversity


“For gold is tried in the fire and acceptable men in the face of adversity.”George Santayana, American philosopher

With every turn, its glory is revealed, as the coals burn. It had always been what it is now — you know, plantain — but not until the present has it felt so good to see, to touch, to taste and savour.

It is ready.
Ripe and ready.

Its ripeness was what got it here in the first place, of course, but only from the fire did its allure, its beauty, and its sweetness emerge. It took heat, of just the right intensity, to make it a great companion for the groundnuts on the other side, and as great a treat for the palate. There it now lies: all golden, with dark-brown patches here and there.

So it is with man.

We might be ripe enough for the opportunities we seek, but to extract our very best, we need that grill in the heat of adversity. There’s nothing alluring, beautiful, or sweet about tribulation, but without it, we’ll never quite reach our full potential. Yes, we might be left with scars – scorched here, charred there — but they only validate our success stories: proof that we’ve been through it all and emerged ripe, ready, and golden.

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