Savannah: Tense calm in Taletuma after violent clashes; police arrest 2 chiefs

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Armed men have launched a reprisal attack in the Savannah Regional town of Taletuma in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba district.

The Birifo Chief’s palace has been burnt down as the gun-wielding men believed to be members of the Kong Paramountcy chased residents into the bush Sunday night.

The attackers reportedly assaulted the chief’s eldest son, who sustained injuries in the head.

Police in the area have since arrested eight persons including two sub-chiefs believed to be behind the attacks.

It is not clear whether they would be charged but police have attributed the violence to an incident where some Gonja youth deployed to the violent-hit community by the Kong Paramount Chief to go and take royalties in the form of sheanuts from some tenants.

The development was fiercely resisted by the Taletuma townsfolks who engaged the mob in a scuffle amidst firing of gunshots.

The Sawla-Tuna-Kalba police command say they are monitoring the situation closely pointing to planned further attacks.

By J. Ofori, Daily Mail GH

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