‘Shatta Wale wasn’t desirable when I met him, I polished him up’ – ‘Shatta’ Michy


Michy, the former girlfriend of Shatta Wale, opened up about their early relationship, shedding light on her role in his journey to fame. Her revelations came in response to recent events involving Shatta Wale and Efia Odo.

She boldly stated that when she first met Shatta Wale, he was not the talented artist he is known as today. Michy claimed to have played a significant part in shaping him into the captivating and gifted artist he has become.

According to Michy, “You wouldn’t have loved this guy (Shatta Wale) when I met him; we made him seem good so you would like him.” This statement underscores the influence she believes she had in portraying Shatta Wale in a positive light to the public.

Despite acknowledging her impact on Shatta Wale’s rise to fame, Michy made it clear that she is no longer interested in being romantically involved with him.

Her revelations come amid speculation and rumors surrounding Shatta Wale’s relationship with Efia Odo.

Michy did not mince words when discussing Efia Odo, referring to her as a “beggar” who is reaping the benefits of Michy’s hard work.

The public disclosure of these details adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing narrative surrounding Shatta Wale’s personal life and relationships.

It is evident from Michy’s statements that she feels undervalued and overlooked in Shatta Wale’s journey to success, prompting her to speak out about her contributions.

Despite the drama surrounding their past relationship, Michy remains firm in her decision to move on and focus on her own path.

Her words serve as a reminder of the complexities and challenges that can arise in relationships, especially those played out in the public eye.

The dynamics between Shatta Wale, Michy, and Efia Odo continue to captivate public attention, fueling speculation and debate.

Michy’s candid remarks provide insight into the behind-the-scenes realities of fame and relationships within the entertainment industry.

Her willingness to speak her truth reflects a desire to set the record straight and assert her own agency in her narrative.

As the story unfolds, it remains to be seen how Shatta Wale and Efia Odo will respond to Michy’s revelations and the ensuing public scrutiny.

In the world of celebrity gossip and speculation, Michy’s words add fuel to the ongoing conversation surrounding Shatta Wale’s personal life.

Ultimately, Michy’s decision to speak out serves as a reminder of the importance of authenticity and self-empowerment in navigating fame and relationships.

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